Section 1
Sassnitz – Stralsund (106 km)

Starting point of the European Primeval Forest Route at the cost of the Baltic Sea in the National Park Jasmund, visitor´s centre Königsstuhl nearby Sassnitz, with the aim of the primeval forests in the Carpathian mountains of Romania (Maramuresh region).

The European primeval forest route begins in the forecourt of the visitor's centre Königsstuhl in the UNESCO world nature heritage-national park Jasmund, leads first to the Viktoria's look at the chalk rocks and from there along the high shore way (the same way as the European long distance trail E 10) by beech virgin forests along the chalk coast of the island of Rügen, passing the national park info centre „world heritage forum / forest hall“ to Sassnitz. Descent to the beach using the wooden stairs of the „Piratensteig“. About the places of Lietzow and of Bergen the small town of Putbus with his classicistic townscape is reached. Over the Rügen dam near the city of Stralsund the trail E 10 leaves the island Rügen.

Nationalparkzentrum Königsstuhl<br />Foto: Nationalpark-Zentrum KÖNIGSSTUHL
Hochuferweg entlang der Kreidefelsenküste<br />Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND
Welterbeforum bei Sassnitz auf Rügen<br />Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND
Kreidefelsen-bei-Sassnitz<br />Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND
Putbus Ortskern<br />Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND
Insel Dänholm bei Stralsund<br />Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND