Section 2
Stralsund – Malchow (176 km)

From the isle Dänholm near Stralsund along the long distance trail E 10 through the Hanseatic city Stralsund and the lakeland of the Mecklenburg region up to Malchow.

Using the European long distance trail E 10 the primeval forest route leads by a diverse lake and river scenery first to the place of Tribsees and the nature reserve „Grenzland“ marsh. Also near Gustrow lakes and moors go over into each other. From there one walks by the nature reserve Nossentiner/Schwinzer moor to the lake scenery near Krakow. Bitterns and other rare bird species can be observed from the observation tower „Moorchse“ at the lake bank of the „Plauer See“. The primeval forest route further runs on the E 10 up to the island town of Malchow and the monastery of Malchow.