Section 24
Rachiw – Sigheto Marmatiei – Baiut – Grossii Tiblesulus (126 km)

From Rachiw across the Ukrainian-Romanian border to the virgin forests in Maramuresch region

From the city of Rachiw the primeval forest route runs over the hills with beech forests and across the preservation area west of the Theiss river to the village Luh. Unfortunately you cannot hike across the Ukrainian Maramorosh mountains and their beech forests, because these mountains adjoin the Romanian border. Here any border crossing point exist, not even for hiking people. You have to cross the Romanian border near the city of Sigheto Marmatiei. From the border you hike along the Iza river to Poienile Izei. You see ancient wooden churches and monasteries. The primeval forest route runs to virgin beech forests near Baiut and near Grosii Tiblesului, both forests belonging to the UNESCO world heritage of nature. Baiut is a former mining settlement. Also the primeval forests near Grosii Tiblesului are located in a former mining area at the end of a long valley. These forests are high-lying in the mountains. You reach them climbing to thesummits Arcer (1.835 m) and Tibles (1.839 m). In the Maramuresch region, a region characterized by forests and timber economy, the planning of the European primeval forest route finishes up to now.

Ökologisches Museum bei Rachiw<br />Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND
Holzkirche in Barsana<br />Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND
Baiut ehemalige Mine<br />Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND
Forstbehörde in Grossii Tiblesulus<br />Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND
Weg zu den Urwäldern Arcer Tibles<br />Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND
Foto: Gerd Simon, Freistadt (A), CC BY-ND