Section 5
Märkisch-Buchholz – Zerbst (164 km)

From Märkisch Buchholz through the Nuthe-Nieplitz and Fläming nature parks to Zerbst.

From Märkisch Buchholz, the primeval forest route in the beginning follows the 66 lakes hiking trail to Sperenberg. From there you hike through the forest areas of the Nuthe - Nieplitz nature park to the wilderness development area on a former military training area near Jüterbog. The primeval forest route runs through the terminal moraine landscape of the Fläming nature park with its special Flämig beeches (a type of red beech). The trail leads via the nature park center Hoher Fläming at the foot of Rabenstein Castle to Lindau and the castle complex there. In the city of Zerbst the primeval forest route reaches the Luther trail Saxony-Anhalt.